KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. And they don’t just demonstrate our ability with standard applications but also with applications that are demanding, requiring custom solutions.

Vortex flowmeters are based on the principle of the Kármán vortex street and are used in main as well as auxiliary and supply processes. Capable of compensating for different temperature and [...]
Variable area flowmeters are suitable for measuring pure liquids and gases. They have an upright conical tube made of metal, glass or plastic, in which a float moves freely up and down. The flow [...]
Using the transit time method, ultrasonic flowmeters measure liquid and gaseous mediums. Typical applications include: Power plants: cooling water and demineralised water, [...]
The function of mass flowmeters is based on the Coriolis principle. They allow for a direct measurement of mass flow, density and temperature of liquids and gases as well as calculation of volume [...]
The measurement principle of electromagnetic flow- meters (EMF) is based on Faraday's law of induction. EMF can measure the volume flow of any electrically conductive liquid medium, even those [...]

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