With its low individual panel weights and simple frame construction of the panels, LICO is ideal for assembling and dismantling by hand. This column formwork is the right choice if lower surface [...]
For contractors, PERI QUATTRO means enormous time-savings when using the crane because the complete column including the push-pull props and concreting platform is moved in only one crane lift. With [...]
PERI RAPID for continuous column crosssections up to 60 cm x 60 cm, squareshaped or rectangular. Through the unique patented clamping principle, the formlining is simply clamped to the [...]
SRS as formwork for circular columns prevents the freshlypoured concrete from escaping thanks to the special design of the panel joints which results in the realization of perfect concrete [...]
The PERI TRIO column formwork complements the TRIO wall formwork system, panels with 90 cm widths can also be used in the wall formwork. Height increments in this case are 30 [...]
With the PERI VARIO GT 24 column formwork, a very wide range of cross-section dimensions and concreting heights can be shuttered without any time-consuming adjustment work.   Continuously [...]
PERI VARIO QUATTRO is extremely costeffective as it can be moved as a complete unit in one crane lift and provides excellent architectural concrete finishes with sharp or chamfered [...]

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