KROHNE is your partner for all aspects of analytical application. From chemical, power, municipality and industrial wastewater applications as well as water treatment processes or inline analysis in hygienic applications: with the SMARTSENS, OPTISENS, OPTISYS and OPTIQUAD range of analytical devices and systems, KROHNE supplements the measurement of the physical parameters. Our main goals are attaining sturdiness, reliability and quality in the various application areas.

In many industrial processes, reliable water treatment is essential for product quality and improving system safety and efficiency. Water circulation systems becoming contaminated can cause [...]
Measurement and control systems designed to the highest standards make it possible to run sewage treatment plants efficiently and keep costs down. In all areas of industrial or community [...]
Spectroscopic analysis systems use illuminants to emit light of different wavelength into a medium. By using up to four optical principles the reflected light will be measured and processed to [...]

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