Dextra was established in 1983 and has since developed into a leading manufacturer and distributor of engineered construction products for the international building and civil industries. Globally recognized for its mechanical splicing systems for reinforcing steel bars, Dextra has also pioneered FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) solutions for numerous construction applications.


Today, Dextra products are used around the world in high-rise buildings, power plants, bridges and other concrete structures, and have been accredited by major independent regulatory bodies on all continents.


After obtaining the ISO 9001 certification in 1996, Dextra became the first ASME-certified manufacturer in South East Asia in 2009, emphasizing its outstanding commitment to top quality.


Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals, Dextra has throughout the years developed and enhanced     a wide range of technical solutions aimed at helping contractors and consultants to achieve maximum efficiency at their work without compromising on economy.


Main Activities


  • Reinforcement continuity
  • Concrete reinforcing & testing
  • Structural Bar Systems
  • Post-Tensioning Solutions
  • Ground anchoring & Tunneling


Manufacturing facilities


Facilities in Thailand

Dextra’s headquarters and factories are strategically located near Bangkok’s international airport and the expressway leading to the deep-sea port on Thailand’s eastern coast. They extend over 20,000 sqm of which 13,000 are covered.

The facility is dedicated to the production of reinforcing bar splices​, using automated, highly flexible production lines. Rebar preparation equipment is engineered and manufactured in the same facility. A second building also features all modern equipment for the machining, forging and threading of large diameter high performance bars.

Dextra Manufacturing Thailand

Facilities in China

In Guangzhou, Dextra designs, develops and manufactures standard and custom-made solutions based on GFRP (Glass-fiber reinforced polymer) or CFRP (Carbon-fiber reinforced polymer) composite material. These can also be combined with steel to form hybrid products, primarily for geotechnical applications. Dextra Sonitec tubes for crosshole sonic logging tests in concrete elements are also produced in this facility.

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More information about Dextra manufacturing facility and product range in our manufacturing brochure.

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