Since ancient times, mankind has been thinking of effective ways of transporting and using “aqua” (lat. for water) and “therm (lat. for warmth).

Applied technologies have been developed and changed considerably over the ages but the motivation has remained the same:


Hygiene, Health and Well-being

Aquatherm has participated in this development over the past thirty years and in some areas has been able to make decisive contributions. An example is the fusiotherm-system produced by Aquatherm.

And the material fusiolen PP-R made by Aquatherm is the first pipe material which is approved by the world-wide known environmental organization Greenpeace to mark with logo “Product approved by Greenpeace”

By constantly adapting its products to the needs of the market and developing the relevant know-how, Aquatherm has achieved worldwide success and prestige within the last 34 years: afact which we are proud of, but at the same time giving us the motivation to continue making constant improvements.


This documentation is to give you a first idea of our products and services – and to make you curious to gain more information.

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