In 1995:   Our history begins with the establishment of Lotus Chemical Technology Ltd., the initial principal of Lotus Green Technology. This company was established with the original purpose of serving as the number one distributor for leading European suppliers in the area of technology transfer and equipment for the plastics industry.

In 1996:   The first production facility of Lotus Chemical was built. This factory was built for the production of plastic film for the export market, and was established in Ho Chi Minh City.

In 1997:   In the next year, the company expanded its product portfolio and for this reason a second factory was build. This time for the for the production of PVC in Hai Phong City, in Northern Vietnam.

In 1999:   The company diversified its range of products into the field of water technology and by this became the exclusive distributor of Meinecke (Sensus)

In 2003:   The Hai Phong branch became an independent company, Lotus Hai Phong Ltd., and a new factory of 30.000 m2 was built for the production of PVC compound and plastic construction materials.

In 2004:   By joining RKW AG – Europe’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene and polypropylene films, nonwovens and nets – RKW Lotus Ltd. was established. This company specialized in the production of polyethylene film and – carrier bags for consumer and industrial Packaging

In 2011: Lotus Green Technology Ltd., was born and became the exclusive distributor of the leading groups in Europe with the aim of going into technology transfer, not only for machinery and equipment but also relating to green technology and service solutions for related industries:

Our partners: Sensus, Aquatherm, Arad, Rothenberger, Sewerin

In 2013: Lotus GreenTech expanded distributed activities in the construction sector.

Our partners: Warin, Krohne, Faber

In 2014: The company expanded distribution of products to offer lighting industry, with partners Ellipz (Lemnis)

In 2015: The company expanded cooperation with the following partners: LED Linear, Peri, Geberit and Landscap

 In 2016: The company developed distribution activities in the field of biology




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