The Daily Maintenance performed on floors maintains vigilance over dirt and other surface contaminants by mopping or scrubbing process. When enable to achieve an acceptable level of gloss a Periodic Maintenance, more vigorous, has to be performed removing embedded dirt and contaminants by mopping, polishing, protecting and burnishing process. The frequency required for each program varies from one project to the next and is dependent of many factors including floor traffic, initial floor hardness and desired level of gloss.

ALGAFLOOR is a concentrated pH neutral floor cleaner with low surface residue for daily maintenance of every floor surface. The product formulation prevents the build up of annoying superficial [...]
COTTOSOLV is a very concentrated, heavy duty alkaline based detergent. Highly recommended for deep thorough cleaning of greasy surfaces in-depth stripping and removing dark marks and oxidations, [...]
DEC 21 is a slow evaporating, mixture of organic solvents and wetting agents for effectively removing, de-waxing or loosening previously applied synthetic or organic waxes, water based sealers, [...]
DISYCOTT is a concentrated acidic based detergent, specific for the removal of grout and cement residues from stone surfaces. Highly recommended as a substitute to traditional muriatic acid, due [...]
NEUGEL is a highly concentrated gel, pH neutral floor cleaner derived from natural substances for daily maintenance of every floor surface. The product guarantees rapid and effective cleaning on [...]
DECERA/P is a specific alkaline based detergent for effectively removing, de waxing or loosing stubborn ingrain dirt or previously applied synthetic or organic waxes and surface oil/grease [...]
DETERFUG is an acidic based detergent, specific for the removal of grout, epoxy and cement residues from delicate surfaces that require a deep thorough cleaning without damaging the surface aspect [...]

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